Christopher J. Barr

P.O. Box 385, Belmont, CA 94002  email for Ph#


To have the privilege to utilize my 30+ years of proven skills, working in the Telecom/IT/Networking & RF Systems, proven loyalty and leadership.


Proven 30+ total years of Technical Experience, US. Army Veteran, Multiple Large Corporations with over 1 decade of service to each organization. Trusted with Large Scale Production Networks (multiple millions of customers)


Senior Data Network Assurance Engineer, Verizon Wireless

OCT 2008 – Present

·         Senior Systems Technician - Sunnyvale MSC (previous title) Switch Technician - Sunnyvale MSC

·         West DNA SAP Core (Data Network Assurance) Engineering, continue to push for national standardization, utilizing python for automation for running system health-checks on multiple network devices.

·         Ability to remain level-headed during large scale outage; troubleshooting, documenting issues encountered and assist with mitigation of functional impairment.

·         As a Senior DNA Engineer, provide mentoring & guidance to new junior level engineers

·         Created localized training to share with the larger team after attending National NSS & SEAS summit

·         Contributing Member of the NSS (Network Support Systems) Switch/Systems Engineering POD Core team, actively work with developers regarding IOP (Integrated Operations Portal)

·         NorCal region Primary Operations P.O.C for Network Security Vulnerability & Mitigation management, have reported national issues i.e. vulnerabilities with public facing websites ( &

·         System Administrator - NorCal Ericsson 4G LTE OSS/ENM/SON

·         NorCal NCT Administrator (Operations, Engineering, Knowledge Sharing)

·         Previously served as POC for BMS (Building Management System), ALC (Automated Logic Controls) WebCTRL Environmental controls. Provide monthly power utilization reports, assisted with major national power utilization saving project.

·         Previously Served as primary POC for Samsung WSS (Wireless Soft Switch) connecting entire Region 2 (Western & South Area)

Principal Switch Technician, Sprint PCS

AUGUST 1997 – OCTOBER 2008

·         Sr Switch/Network Operations Technician at Brisbane 1 & 2 CDMA MSC (Mobile Switching Center, a.k.a Central Office).

·         Responsible as lead technician for over 8 years.

·         Assigned to special projects, including consulting for Sprint, internationally - Mumbai, India for Reliance Infocom, as a Lead Switch Engineer, following scope of work, identifying issues that potentially could be impacting to their network launch.

·         Large Enterprise Customer Lead POC for deployment of DATA-Only group approx. 18 Cell Sites, deployed at various Oil Refinery “pumpjacks” used for providing real-time remote oil pumping metrics.

·         Lead switch technician for validating virtual switch for cell sites deployed at Stanford University, where 5-digit dialing was enabled on-campus.

·         Lead for deployment of the SF Bay Area e911 phase I & II deployment

·         Primary contact during initial EVDO REV A deployment

·         Initially started as an RF Field Ops Technician working on the Lucent CDMA Cell Sites.


US ARMY - Multichannel Communications Systems Specialist (MOS 31R/M/Q)

JAN 1992 – FEB2000 Camp Parks, RFTA, California

·         As an Army 31R/M/Q I working on the AN-TRC173, 174, 175, and AN-TRC138 tactical radio communications equipment. We installed the fiber, coax, microwave, and satellite communications to provide rapid deployment of communications infrastructure. This included encrypted & secure voice and data links between multiple locations.

Honorable Discharge 1 FEB 2000

Logicon Technical Services (LTSI) (